SYNBON is an export company mainly engaged in agricultural machinery and tools such as loaders and tractors. Relying on the strong production strength and after-sales support of the factory, we have a team of tigers and wolves with strong professional ability, active work and vitality.


With the deepening of the export cooperation with the countries along the way, SYNBON's overseas business has been expanding and expanding. We invite more people with lofty ideals to join the SYNBON family and work together to build the world's SYNBON.

At present, we are looking for candidates from Ukraine, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Columbia.
Have 2-3 years working experience in this field, understand Chinese machinery brand, like Chinese equipment, believe that made in China.
 love work, like work, has the initiative and enthusiasm of sales.
Welcome friends and partners from different countries to recommend excellent talents to us. Please send information:                            

Welcome to join us