Mortar plaster spraying machine SY711



Main motor  7.5 kW

Vertical height 28 meters

Air pump power  1.5 kW

Power mode 380V

Parallel conveying 50 meters

Delivery flow  6 cubic meters/hour

Whole machine weight 360 kg



building internal and external walls, ceiling, wall pulling and slurry, high-speed

Automatic Cement Plaster Machine Plaster Spraying Machine (Gypsum/Cement based)


spray mortar, waterproof coating, refractory materials

  • Benefits & Features


    * Adjust the flow size, bring out the spraying effect .

    * In addition to the electric control box can switch, also equipped with remote switch spraying .

    * The connection between the spray gun and the feed pipe can be rotated for easy operation

    * High construction efficiency and good quality .

    * Compact size, easy to carry, and accessories low cost, simple maintenance



    The products are mainly used for building interior and exterior walls, cement mortar spraying, mortar spraying for exterior wall insulation materials, and refractory spraying. The mortar spraying machine basically has no floor ash, water and material, which can greatly reduce the cost, simple operation, no scaffolding, no mobile equipment, no repairing and stubble, both the male and female corners and the roof can be sprayed freely, with fast speed and high efficiency , Labor intensity is low, a spraying machine can easily spray an area of 150 square meters per hour.

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  • ModelSY711
    Main motor 7.5 kW
    Vertical height28 meters
    Air pump power 1.5 kW
    Power mode380V
    Configuration inner wall 38 conveying pipe
    Parallel conveying 50 meters
    Delivery flow 6 cubic meters/hour
    Whole machine weight360 kg