SYNBON Crawler Excavator SY615




Operating Weight  13.5ton

Bucket Capacity   0.6m³ 

Power            85KW

Overall size       7635*2500*2750MM


Urban construction, road construction, landscape engineering, farmland transformation, mining engineering, etc., working conditions are narrow and complicated

13.5 ton Hydraulic Digging Construction Equipment mining machinery crawler excavator

advanced turbocharged engine ,imported international brands hydraulic parts,heavier type front and rear drive axle, gearbox

  • 1 .Electrical system: with colorful LCD display, with self-test, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, human-computer interaction and good, high-profile electrical control software, higher reliability.

    2. Power system: advanced turbocharged engine exhaust enough power reserves, it is possible to maximize the power of the engine to achieve the perfect match, reducing power losses.

    3. Hydraulic system: imported international brands hydraulic parts, power loss, fast action, complex motor coordination, high efficiency and energy saving, reliability and long service life.

    4. Walking System: use heavier type front and rear drive axle, gearbox, providing higher carrying capacity.

    5. Cab: new style cab, new interior design, vision, bright and spacious, humane front gear mechanism, adjustable suspension seat with a high-grade, silicone shock absorption, superior driving environment.

    6.  Cooling system: parallel cooling installation, installation and removal are easy to clean; it has very high cooling efficiency.

    7.  Can be attached with many optional attachment or accessories including hydraulic hammer, sugar cane log grapple, etc.

  • Performance Parameter
    Operating Weight13.5ton
    Bucket Capacity0.6
    Swing Speed0-12Rmp
    Bucket Max.Digging Force91KN
    Arm Max.Digging Force55KN
    Engine ModelYC4D115
    Power/Rotation Speed85/2200KW/Rmp
    Tyre Model-
    System Pressure32MPa
    Working Range
    Max.Digging Height8540MM
    Max. Dumping Height6125MM
    Max.Digging Depth5095MM
    Max.Vertical Digging Depth4650MM
    Max.Digging Radius8000MM
    Min.Swing Radius2445MM
    Cabin Height2750MM
    Sproket To Idler2950MM
    Axle Distancer2000MM
    Min.Ground Clearance400MM
    Tail Swing Radius2340MM